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Matt Shepherd from Aquaseen has kindly donated a *100cm long framed print from is eclectic Aquaseen portfolio. (Value $600.00).

Best yet you get to choose any print from his collection that you would like.

To enter, all you have to do is sign up free and become a Divearound memeber, then just answer the 3 multiple choice questions below.

Matt ShepherdAbout Matt Shepherd

Matt Shepherd sees the world more clearly under water. Indeed it is where he is most at home, amongst the tiniest of life forms to the largest rays and sharks. Through photography he shares the art which already exists beneath the surface and brings it above sea level into tangible images that make the observer taste salt water.

On Terra Firma Matt also produces images of the highest quality. He has an adeptness for shooting landscape and underwater with equally professional technique and creativity, rendering his work distinguishable in the field.

Matt is a long time friend and contributor to the Divearound website and the Sarah Shark Project.
We all love his work, and we think you will too.

Check out his work at www.aquaseen.com and go and pre-select your winning print.

Good Luck!
*Print will only be framed if the winner resides within Australia, otherwise the print will be sent unframed in a tube over seas. Winners will be announced via email and posted on the Divearound site.

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